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About Rio Grande Childrens Dentistry and Orthodontics

We are committed to providing a positive experience for your child and building a foundation for healthy oral habits for life!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide everyone access to the healthcare they need. We are a diverse and inclusive company with a focus upon patient-centered care with evidence-based treatment options.

Why Choose Rio Grande Childrens Dentistry and Orthodontics

Our patients love us, here’s why!

Medicaid Accepting most insurance + Medicaid
Safe sedation options
Bilingual team members
Kid-friendly experience
Same day braces
Certified Orthodontists

Our Location

Our modern, fun décor office is equipped with the latest dental technology. Designed with children in mind, our bright office and in-chair HDTVs will keep them busy and comfortable before and during treatment. Our spacious hygiene area is comfortable and open and our treatment rooms provide privacy when needed for more involved procedures. Our offices are designed to entertain the young ones, yet does not exclude the comfort of teens.

Our Office

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When should you start brushing your baby's teeth? ⬇️

You don't have to wait too long to start brushing your baby's teeth. Once their first tooth emerges, they are ready for some light brushing!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Thank you for being the best patients 🍀


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Looking for healthy food options for your child that keep their pearly whites sparkling?

Try these:
1. Dairy products
2. Fruits & Veggies
3. Lean Proteins
4. Whole Grains

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When should I bring my child to their first orthodontic visit?

If your child has a potential problem with their teeth, you'll want it spotted sooner rather than later! The American Dental Association recommends that a child should first see an orthodontist at the age of seven.

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