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What is Orthodontics

If you’ve ever been to an orthodontist, you know that they can do some pretty amazing things with teeth. But what exactly is orthodontics? It’s a common misconception that orthodontics is only for cosmetic purposes, but in reality, it can also help to improve your oral health! Here’s everything you need to know about orthodontics.

What is Orthodontics and what does it entail?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the treatment of irregularities in teeth and their alignment. Braces are a common element of orthodontics, used to help fix the misalignment of teeth, as well as gaps and other issues. Additionally, many people also opt to keep their alignment healthy with retainers. Once your teeth are straight, it actually makes them easier to clean which helps reduce tartar build up and plaque.

Orthodontists is also helpful to diagnose conditions like sleep apnea and TMJ disorder by looking at how teeth fit together. Ultimately, orthodontics helps give people a healthy bite and attractive smile, resulting in confidence and improved oral health in the long term.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with Orthodontics treatment?

It’s natural to have some reservations when considering orthodontics treatment; after all, any kind of medical procedure carries a certain degree of risk. However, the risks associated with Orthodontics treatments are quite minimal.

The most common side effect is some minor discomfort in the mouth during and immediately after treatment, but this typically passes over time as your mouth adjusts to the new braces or aligners. In rare cases, there may be other more serious risks such as gum recession or cracking of enamel due to excessive force from the appliance.

That being said, these complications can usually be avoided by visiting an experienced orthodontic professional who will monitor the alignment process closely and make any necessary adjustments in order to minimize any negative impact on your oral health.

Is Orthodontics Covered By Insurance Plans?

Figuring out if orthodontics is covered by your insurance plan can be a tricky business! It’s important to know upfront what services are covered and how much you will get back in reimbursement or with direct payment by your insurance plan before embarking on any orthodontic treatments.

Generally speaking, the extent of coverage depends on the type of policy you have – with some insurances providing 80-90% coverage up to an annual maximum. Making sure that your chosen orthodontist is recognized by your provider is key – otherwise, there may be limited or no coverage at all.

Doing research into approved providers and familiarizing yourself with what exactly is covered can help you to make more informed decisions about your orthodontic journey.


All in all, there are many benefits that come with straight teeth. Not only will you have a more aesthetically pleasing smile, but you’ll also be able to speak and eat more easily.

If your child is experiencing any problems with their teeth, it’s important to bring them in to see an orthodontist as soon as possible. The sooner they get started on treatment, the better!

If you’re looking for a great orthodontist in the area, our team would be more than happy to help. Request an appointment on our website today!

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